Bull Model Management


With every arrival in any country, I had a new dream. Arriving in England, I had already dreamed of getting to France. Having been in France (more on that later) I have already set my sights on Germany. Arriving in Germany, I did not want to rush anywhere. Even before arrival, I always thought, relished and represented her, but Germany was completely different.


I have never encountered such experience in my life. Usually, all models arrive at the ready, but then you had to find an agency for yourself (they often do this in Europe). My parent agent was in Hamburg, so the housing problem has already been resolved. I took a plane from London and flew to Germany. At first glance, Hamburg was no different from the residential areas of London: large two-story houses with gardens. That evening, the agent and I scheduled all the meetings and the very next day I had to see ten different agencies.
The search went something like this: I went to the city center and already on the spot was guided by the addresses of the agencies that I found on the Internet.
It is incredibly cool that all modeling agencies in Hamburg are in the same area, within walking distance.
Most likely, the question arose in your head: why look for an agency if the parent agency can find it. Everything is logical, but not always as it is in reality. Getting into a European agency is much harder than getting into an Asian one. And in a personal meeting there is a greater chance that you will like you, because you have the opportunity to talk, talk about yourself in person, especially since I was not far from Germany (a couple of hours by plane and I was there) + visa-free mode!
Do not be upset if the agency says no. The Germans, unlike other agencies, did not use the typical: “thank you, we will call you back.” I liked that these people know what they want and say everything about the case. Fourteen of the fifteen agencies answered no for various reasons: someone said that I was very thin, someone didn’t like my hair, someone had a similar type in the agency and it didn’t work, but the main thing wasn’t what I they said no, but the fact that the agency I wanted to go to told me yes! I really don’t like being in limbo, so every time I was told no, explaining the reason, I felt better. After all, this is much nicer than expecting a positive response that you will not wait for. It seems to you that the agency seemed to like you, but in fact they were hypocritical or simply smiled at everyone. Therefore, the Germans are a huge “plus” for honesty.
Hamburg is a super commercial market that is famous for catalogs and campaigns. Usually, models come here to work for several days – a week. A lot of shooting for cosmetic products and shooting for hair. Prices are different, but decent. Standard catalog + -1000 euros, campaigns starting from 1000 and ending with tens of thousands of euros (P.S: in Berlin as well).
In this city, constant rains, so stock up on warm things and an umbrella. On the one hand, it may seem that in Hamburg it is very boring, but it is not. In addition to works and castings, you can have a great time here. I advise you to visit Speicherstadt – an area with warehouse buildings, canals and museums. Visit the museum of miniatures, take a walk along the Hamburg City Hall, where tours are held and see the largest seaport in Germany on the River Elbe!


My acquaintance with Berlin happened twice. All because the first trip was very different from the second, the impressions were completely different.
The first time I arrived in Berlin for a few days, but my stay was delayed for two weeks. The agency often lodges models with someone and I was very lucky, because I lived with an amazing sculptor and designer! Her whole house was like a fairytale museum of artsy statues and paintings. The kitchen is hand-painted, my room is made in Japanese style, the living room with many books and a magnificent collection of vinyl records: from Chopin to Bach. She allowed me to use her player and I eagerly wondered what kind of song we would listen to today.
In Berlin, everything is simple: there is no taboo. Perhaps, you will not surprise locals with anything. There is no homophobia. They won’t look at you strangely if you are unusually dressed. Everyone is always welcome here.
Our first dialogue with the landlady was something like this:
– Hello, my name is Tasha!
– Hi! I – …, I’ve got a little foolishness here, don’t you want?

I understand everything: a creative person and all that, but all the same, I was always surprised at their openness and recklessness. As for you, here’s such a funny thing: in a week I had 5 different shootings (tests, magazines, exhibition works) and they were all half-naked. That is, you come to the shooting and after some ten minutes you sit without a bra, watch how you are painted.
As usual, it all started with the fact that I went to auditions, there were few of them (2-5 per day), there was a lot of time left, but because of the weather it was impossible to walk around Berlin, so on my first trip I’m nowhere from home, except castings and filming did not come out.
Berlin is a fashionable city, there is little commerce and a lot of fashion. No matter how cool it may seem, but you can’t get far on such work, on average prices range from 100-300 € (and most often for free at all, they say it’s worth it after all). You can do the main story of Numero magazine for € 100 when your neighbor rents a catalog for € 1000. Therefore, it is not always beneficial to be fashion. On the one hand, it’s cool and interesting shooting, but on the other hand you want to eat, and your earnings can allow you to drink coffee in a local cafe and take a ride on the subway twice.
Arriving in Berlin for the second time, he opened for me in a completely new way, flirted with bright colors. It was spring. It’s sunny outside, I wanted to walk, and also an amazing hipster district! If for the first time I lived in a residential area, now the agency has placed me in a hostel (they always do this during a fashion week) in the heart of Berlin.
So fashion week! I’ve already been in this business, it was interesting to plunge into the German atmosphere of fashion. Of course, you should not count on 20 castings a day, as in London. My maximum is 5 per day. At the castings there were only 20% of foreign women, all the other girls were German, so I was surprised why they should call models from other countries for a fashion week, when there are enough of them. It is also worth considering that for a show in Berlin they pay very little (around 100 euros), so it’s completely unprofitable to go to the Berlin Fashion Week.
The Germans, like the Japanese, are very polite and open in communication. These people will always help and prompt, they are insanely friendly and cheerful. In Berlin, it’s absolutely normal for no reason to start a dialogue with a stranger.
Berlin is when it smells like french fries, and for 1 euro you can buy delicious sausages on the go. Berlin is when beer is handed out free of charge on the street! Yes, what’s on the street, once I was treated to beer at the casting, and on the set with wine. Berlin is when, in principle, you can communicate with customers with mats (because they themselves communicate this way and it makes them laugh) and cut metal during operation.
Berlin is at least a city that everyone should visit, as you will not find a similar one! He has an unusually contradictory and dramatic story!
A few days in this city was enough for me to understand that I want to stay here forever, so I will definitely return there again! In the meantime, here is my list of places to visit!
Branderburg Gate – the famous arch that divided the city. The historic building of the German parliament, the Reichstag, the oldest Botanical Garden in Europe, the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church in the shape of an “empty tooth”, the Berlin TV tower with a viewing platform, and of course the East Side Gallery (or it is also called the Berlin Wall) – an incredible art gallery under open air in the Friedrichshain district.
Have a good trip! Danke Schön!