Bull Model Management


Bull Models is presenting a unique opportunity to become a member of our team.The vacancy of model scout is a part time as well as a full time position.
Search for new faces in any part of your city. Any mid to large size city will suffice.
You can find model type girls in any locatons including the following:movie theatres,cafes,subway,shopping malls,streets,local markets,supermarkets.It’s very easy to start a scouting career.
Ask the potential model if she wants to try herself in the fashion industry,present your scout business card with your phone number or just exchange phone numbers.

We either pay upfront a certain comission upon the model signing the contract with us or offer a percentage of the comission we receive once the modeling assignment is complete.
That job can easily increase your main income without you spending a penny.
If you show us certain career ambitions and work well there’s a chance of being promoted to the position of model manager
where a handsome base salary plus comission will be paid out.
It’s extemely easy to apply for this position:just send us a short resume via email.
Don’t forget to type “Model Scout” in the headers.